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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Beeologics, L'Oreal, Protiva, and More


Title: Prevention and Treatment of Nosema Disease in Bees

Patent Number: 8,822,426

Filed: May 5, 2010

Lead Inventor: Nitzan Paldi, Beeologics (Monsanto)

Title: Methods and Compositions to Protect Aquatic Invertebrates from Disease

Patent Number: 8,822,427

Filed: Oct. 23, 2012

Lead Inventor: John Dustin Loy, Harrisvaccines

Title: Double-stranded RNA Oligonucleotides which Inhibit Tyrosinase Expression

Patent Number: 8,822,428

Filed: March 11, 2013

Lead Inventor: Christine Collin-Djangone, L'Oreal

Title: Lipid Formulations for Nucleic Acid Delivery

Patent Number: 8,822,668

Filed: June 26, 2013

Lead Inventor: Edward Yaworski, Protiva Biotherapeutics (Tekmira Pharmaceuticals)

Title: miRNA Expression Vector

Patent Number: 8,822,669

Filed: Sept. 23, 2013

Inventor: Xiangyang Miao, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences