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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Alnylam, Quark, Qiagen, and More


Title: RNA Interference-mediating Small RNA Molecules

Patent Number: 8,853,384

Filed: Dec. 2, 2009

Lead Inventor: Thomas Tuschl, Max Planck Institute

Title: Transgenic Plant-based Methods for Plant Pests Using RNAi

Patent Number: 8,853,489

Filed: Sept.18, 2006

Lead Inventor: Romaan Raemaekers, Devgen (Syngenta)

Title: Lipid-formulated Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Expression of Eg5 and VEGF Genes

Patent Number: 8,859,516

Filed: Sept.10, 2010

Lead Inventor: David Bumcrot, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Title: Methods Targeting miR-33 microRNAs for Regulating Lipid Metabolism

Patent Number: 8,859,519

Filed: Aug. 25, 2011

Inventor: Anders Naar, Harvard Medical School

Title: Oligomeric Compounds and Compositions for Use in Modulation of Small, Non-coding RNAs

Patent Number: 8,859,521

Filed: Dec. 30, 2013

Lead Inventor: Frank Bennett, Regulus Therapeutics

Title: Use of RNAi Inhibiting PARP Activity for the Manufacture of a Medicament for the Treatment of Cancer

Patent Number: 8,859,562

Filed: Sept. 15, 2006

Inventor: Thomas Helleday, University of Sheffield

Title: Modified Short Interfering RNA

Patent Number: 8,859,749

Filed: March 8, 2006

Lead Inventor: Ioanna Andreou, Qiagen

Title: RNAi Modulation of RSV and Therapeutic Uses Thereof

Patent Number: 8,859,750

Filed: March 29, 2012

Lead Inventor: Rachel Meyers, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Title: Oligonucleotide Compounds Comprising Non-nucleotide Overhangs

Patent Number: 8,859,751

Filed: Jan. 6, 2012

Lead Inventor: Sharon Nachum, Quark Pharmaceuticals

Title: siRNA-based Therapy of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

Patent Number: 8,859,752

Filed: Oct. 17, 2012

Lead Inventor: Frederick Kaplan, University of Pennsylvania