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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Alnylam, Merck, Alcon


Title: Hepatitis C dsRNA Effector Molecules, Expression Constructs, Compositions, and Methods of Use

Patent Number: 8,614,198

Filed: June 28, 2008

Lead Inventor: Daniel McCallus, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Title: Double-stranded RNA Director to CASP2 and Methods of Use Thereof

Patent Number: 8,614,309

Filed: Sept. 4, 2008

Lead Inventor: Elena Feinstein, Quark Pharmaceuticals

Title: Devices, Systems, and Methods for Improving Memory and/or Cognitive Function through Brain Delivery of siRNA

Patent Number: 8,618,069

Filed: Oct. 8, 2009

Lead Inventor: William Kaemmerer, Medtronic

Title: RNA Interference-mediated Inhibition of Gene Expression using Chemically Modified Short Interfering Nucleic Acid

Patent Number: 8,618,277

Filed: May 25, 2012

Lead Inventor: Leonid Beigelman, Merck

Title: RNAi-mediated Inhibition of Histamine Receptor H1-related Conditions

Patent Number: 8,618,278

Filed: June 11, 2012

Lead Inventor: John Yanni, Alcon