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Integrated DNA Technologies, Affymetrix


At the Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference in Savannah, Ga., this week, Integrated DNA Technologies debuted its RNAi product offering. The company is marketing purified RNAi duplexes. The price for 100 nmol, with a guar- anteed yield of 10 nanomoles, is $260; 250 nmole with a guaranteed yield of 25 nanomoles, for $325; 1micromole with a guaranteed yield of 100 nanomoles for $650. IDT, which is one of the largest providers of oligos in the US, is marketing itself as “the only company to guarantee purity with a “free” CE trace on every RNAi oligo.” On a marketing brochure, it has printed data showing a comparison of its purified RNA with “standard desalted RNA oligos from Dharmacon, Xeragon, and Proligo and analyzed by capillary electrophoresis under denaturing conditions.” The results show that IDT’s purity is 94 percent, and higher than either of the three companies. IDT has received a license to the Fire and Mello patents issued to the Carnegie Institution.

Affymetrix said today that Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development is the first early access customer for its new GeneChip HighThroughputArray, a 96-well plate with one of Affy’s Human Genome U133 arrays in each well.

Correction: In last weeks issue of RNAi News, the article entitled Potent siRNAs, Effective Delivery Key Themes at Nucleic Acid World Conference in Boston incorrectly referred to Sirna instead of Alnylam in the tenth paragraph. RNAi News regrets the error, which has since been fixed.

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