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Federation for the Advanced Education in the Sciences Small Interfering RNA & Functional Genomics," Ambion s PSilencer 5.1 Retro System, and Qiagen s HiPerFect Transfection Reagent and HP Guaranteed siRNA


The Federation for the Advanced Education in the Sciences at the National Institutes of Health has scheduled for March 28 through April 1 a workshop entitled “Small Interfering RNA & Functional Genomics.”

The event is designed to teach “the latest information about RNAi and the use of siRNA as a functional genomics tool,” FAES said. Lecture topics include: delivery of siRNA to eukaryotic cells; DICER/RISC and the mechanism of action of RNAi; chromosome remodeling with small RNAs; and RNAi and epigenetics.

Lab demonstrations will include: comparison of chemically synthesized and in vitro transcribed siRNAs to induce gene silencing; and inducing gene silencing using siRNA expression plasmids under transient selection.

The workshop is limited to 30 participants. The fee for the 4-day course is $700.

Additional details about the workshop can be found at

Ambion has recently introduced the PSilencer 5.1 retro system for studying long-term effects of reduced gene expression in cell culture models.

According to the company, gene expression is reduced using the system through the stable expression of an siRNA using an H1 or U6 promoter.

“The long-term, stable reduction of gene expression made possible by [the system] allows researchers to more closely mimic natural cellular processes such as genetic mutation and subsequent disease phenotype development,” Ambion said.

Additional details about the system can be found at

Qiagen has recently launched the HiPerFect transfection reagent.

The reagent allows for the transfection of low siRNA concentrations into eukaryotic cells, said the company.

Additional details about the reagent can be found at

Qiagen has also recently introduced HP guaranteed siRNA, a group of four siRNAs targeting a gene of interest.

The company said that it guarantees effective knockdown of a target gene with at least two of the four siRNAs.

Additional details are available at


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