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Cell Signaling s RNA kits, Humana Press RNAi text, Promega s transfection reagent, Ambion s siRNA delivery kit, and Qiagen s siRNA set


Cell Signaling Technology said this week that it has launched validated SignalSilence siRNA kits for signal transduction research.

The kits, said Cell Signaling, include specific siRNA, a target-specific antibody to confirm reduction of protein expression, and a non-target antibody to control loading and monitor specificity of the targeted siRNA. The kit also includes a fluorescein-labeled non-targeted siRNA control and a mammalian cell transfection reagent from Mirus.

Humana Press is preparing for publication a new text on RNAi called RNA Interference, Editing, and Modification Methods and Protocols.

The book is being edited by Case Western Reserve University associate professor Jonatha Gott, and is expected to be published in April 2004.

Details about the book, including ordering information, can be found at HumanaBooks&txtCategory=&xtProductID=1%2D58829%2D242%2D8&isVariant=0

Promega recently introduced its siFect siRNA transfection reagent for mammalian cells.

According to the company, the reagent does not need to be reconstituted and typically results in a greater than 80 percent interference in standard cell lines.

Ambion has introduced its pSilencer adeno 1.0-CMV system for siRNA delivery.

The product can be used to express hairpin siRNAs in mammalian cells and organisms, said the company, adding that the vector and promoter have been used to silence GFP and endogenous beta-glucuronidase in HeLa cells and adult mice.

Qiagen recently introduced its Human Druggable Genome siRNA Set Version 1.0, a collection of 10,000 duplexes against 5,000 targets including kinases, proteases, G-protein-coupled receptors, oncogenes and tumor suppressors, nuclear receptors, structural proteins, cell-surface receptors, ion channels, transcription factors, cytokines, cell-cycle control genes, and apoptosis-related genes.

Details about the siRNA set can be found at


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