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Ambion and Cenix Bioscience s RNAi Library, Qiagen s EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Kit and EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Card, and Agilent Technologies Arabidopsis 3 Oligo Microarray Kit


Ambion and Cenix Bioscience said this week that they have launched a new RNAi library targeting the Drosophila genome.

The new library contains more than 13,000 double-stranded RNA molecules that are ready for immediate use without further synthesis or purification, said the companies. The dsRNA designs were created using a proprietary algorithm designed by Cenix, which tested the library in several genome-wide screens using commonly available Drosophila cell lines, they added.

Ambion is handling the marketing of the library under an existing arrangement with Cenix.

Qiagen recently introduced the EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Kit and EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Card.

The tissue kit allows for automated RNA purification from one to six samples of any type of human or animal tissue using the company’s BioRobot EZ1 workstation. It includes all required reagents and labware. Reagents are supplied in pre-filled reagent cartridges, according to Qiagen.

The EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Card allows for the setup of protocols for RNA purification from any type of human or animal tissue using the EZ1 RNA Universial Tissue Kit.

Agilent Technologies said this week that it has introduced the Arabidopsis 3 oligo microarray kit, the first whole-genome oligonucleotide array for Arabidopsis thaliana.

The microarray, said Agilent, contains more than 37,000 probes, representing all Arabidopsis genes of known function and related genes of interest. Included are probes for approximately 26,000 annotated transcripts from the ATH1v5 database of The Institute for Genomic Research.

The Arabidopsis 3 microarray also covers more than 10,000 unannotated transcripts from the Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing database of the University of Delaware and 1,000 ncRNA transcripts derived from the ATH1 genome, said the company.


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