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Ambion: Jan 24, 2008

Ambion this month introduced the mirVana miRNA bioarrays V9.2, a version of the company's microRNA microarrays that include probes targeting a selection of human, mouse, and rat miRNAs from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute’s miRBase Sequence Database version 9.2.

The Scan

Canada's New Budget on Science

Science writes that Canada's new budget includes funding for the life sciences, but not as much as hoped for investigator-driven research.

Nature Papers Examine Single-cell, Multi-Omic SARS-CoV-2 Response; Flatfish Sequences; More

In Nature this week: single-cell, multi-omics analysis provides insight into COVID-19 pathogenesis, evolution of flatfish, and more.

J&J Vaccine Benefits Outweighs Risk, EMA Says

The European Medicines Agency recommends that a warning about the possibility of blood clots be added to the product information.

Fall of Salmon Diversity

A new study finds that farmed fish have led to a decline in genetic diversity among Atlantic salmon, the Guardian reports.