October 11, 2016
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Using Variant Management Software to Scale Next Generation Sequencing and Share Knowledge


Director, Partners Healthcare Laboratory for Molecular Medicine; Medical Director, Broad Institute Clinical Research Sequencing Platform; Associate Professor of Pathology at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

This webinar provided an overview of how clinical labs can use variant interpretation software to scale their genetic testing efforts and improve reporting.

Dr. Heidi Rehm, Director of Partner’s Healthcare Laboratory for Molecular Medicine, discussed how her lab is using the GeneInsight software solution as part of its testing workflow.

GeneInsight has been in continuous clinical use for more than eight years at the Partners Healthcare Laboratory and has been used to produce more than 50,000 clinical reports. During this webinar, Dr. Rehm shared how her team has used the software platform to scale its genetic testing program from small panels to whole-exome sequencing, as well as how GeneInsight facilitates variant data sharing and variant management.

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