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June 30, 2020
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Practices for Clinical Hereditary NGS Variant Interpretation


Founder and CEO,
Blackhawk Genomics

This webinar discusses the opportunity for clinical laboratories to implement efficient tertiary analysis pipelines and share best practices for selecting and implementing a tertiary analysis pipeline for variant interpretation.

Clinical laboratories are rapidly expanding both the scope and complexity of hereditary services offered utilizing next-generation sequencing. With this expansion come a significant number of challenges including turnaround time, the need for specialized clinical genetic knowledge and overall scalability. Adopting a thoughtful strategy for selection and implementation of appropriate tertiary analysis tools is critical to the success of a clinical NGS program.

In this educational webinar, Dr. Tootie Tatum of Blackhawk Genomics will discuss the following:

  • Market trends and opportunities for clinical laboratories performing hereditary NGS
  • Current challenges in NGS interpretation and ways to overcome them
  • Propose strategies to introduce NGS into the laboratory
  • Aligning the capabilities of variant interpretation solutions with laboratory resources
  • The importance of depth, breadth and completeness of quality variant interpretation content
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