December 02, 2014
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Dualsystems Biotech

How the LRC-TriCEPS Technology Works

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Do you know the receptor of your ligand? This video from Dualsystems Biotech explains in 4 minutes how the targets and off-targets of ligands (peptides, proteins, antibodies, ADCs and even viruses) are identified on living cells and tissue using the TriCEPS-based ligand-receptor capture technology. You will learn how this technology works and which steps are performed to identify the receptors of your ligand. The LC-MS/MS based technology allows the interaction of ligand receptors to occur while the microenvironments of targets and off-targets are still intact.

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Researchers find that a personalized medicine approach could help people who experience pain while taking statins, New Scientist reports.

US National Science Foundation is continuing its responsible research conduct training policy despite its flaws, ScienceInsider reports.

A CRISPR-themed meeting explored how the tool could and should be used, Wired reports.

In Science this week: database of proteins' effects on cancer, targeted error correction sequencing, and more.

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This online, interactive seminar will answer researchers’ most pressing questions about how to gain outstanding research results from proteomic studies.