December 07, 2017
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GenomeWeb/ABRF 2017 Webinar Series: Data Management 101: Best Practices for Naming, Storing and Protecting Research Data


Manager, Biostatistical Consulting Unit, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Information Security Specialist, Case Western Reserve University

IT Director, BioFrontiers Institute, University of Colorado Boulder

This online seminar, part of the 2017 ABRF Webinar Series, helps lab directors and administrators gain a 101 understanding of file naming, data storage, and data security.

Our panelists discuss protocols for naming data files, how to manage the storage of data – especially large file sizes – and how to protect clinical research data. The seminar includes an update on the National Institutes of Health's policies on data management.

This webinar helps lab managers understand the basics (and challenges) of managing data in a research environment and demonstrates some of the best practices that work well for specific institutions.

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A draft bill released by the US House of Representatives appropriations committee would increase the 2019 National Institutes of Health budget by 3 percent.

Bloomberg looks into privacy issues raised by law enforcement's use of genetic genealogy sites.

NBC News reports on the Earth BioGenome Project, which aims to sequence all eukaryotic life on Earth.

In Science this week: environmental DNA can help in studies of marine animals, and more.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

This webinar will discuss how ultra-highly sensitive and customizable targeted next-generation sequencing panels are applied in inherited disease research.