July 26, 2017
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Bionano Genomics

Bionano Structural Variation Detection Helps Resolve Undiagnosed Genetic Disorders


Dr. Eric Vilain is Chief of Medical Genetics and Professor of Human Genetics, Pediatrics and Urology  at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

In this webinar, Dr. Sven Bocklandt from Bionano Genomics will introduce the latest advances in Bionano’s structural variation detection algorithms and technology. Following this introduction, Dr. Eric Vilain from the University of California, Los Angeles, will present his results on the first study of it’s kind to use Bionano’s Next-Generation Mapping technology to help find a molecular diagnosis for patients with undiagnosed genetic disorders.

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The Jackson Laboratory has filed a complaint accusing Nanjing University of breeding and re-selling its mouse models, the Hartford Courant reports.

Oxford researchers are turning to virtual reality to visualize genes and regulatory elements, Phys.org says.

In Science this week: neutrophils rely on microRNA to protect against lung inflammation, and more.

China is moving forward with plans to sequence a million citizens, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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This webinar will describe a protocol and proof-of-principle experiments for Cellular Indexing of Transcriptome and Epitopes by Sequencing (CITE-seq).

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Philips Genomics

This webinar will present an in-depth look at how Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has developed and implemented a next-generation sequencing panel for mutational tumor profiling of advanced cancer patients.

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Fabric Genomics

This webinar will discuss the critical role that software can play for clinical labs looking to establish comprehensive genomic testing programs. 

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This webinar will be a roundtable discussion on the adoption of a commercial gene panel for tumor profiling at several leading US cancer centers.