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11:30 AM
US Eastern

Sponsored by Guardant Health

Panel Talk: Unlocking Global Access to Liquid Biopsy Through In-Country Testing

Enabling global access to precision medicine with liquid biopsy CGP testing has been challenging. Obstacles include standardizing a complex liquid biopsy testing workflow globally and varying regional healthcare guidelines and regulatory policies.

In this panel discussion, Jean-Francois Martini, head of biomarker clinical assay and technology at Pfizer, and Lawrence Wang, chief financial officer at Adicon, will take a deep look into challenges, considerations, and breakthroughs in enabling access to the China population for global clinical trials. Vafa Amirkia, Guardant Health’s director of biopharma business development in China, will lead the discussion.

Following the discussion, Simranjit Singh, CEO of the Asia, Middle East, and Africa (AMEA) regions at Guardant, will highlight how the company has successfully enabled in-country access to their robust, validated liquid biopsy technology for patients around the world.

The discussion and presentation will be followed by an audience Q&A.

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11:00 AM
US Eastern

Sponsored by Pillar Biosciences

Accelerating Access to Liquid Biopsy Testing With Kitted NGS Solutions

To date, liquid biopsy testing has largely been provided by large centralized CLIA reference laboratories. To help maximize global access to liquid biopsy and associated targeted therapies, biopharmaceutical organizations are interested in establishing diagnostic partnerships to drive liquid biopsy testing at local and regional laboratories, leveraging in-house NGS platforms to provide testing closer to patients, enabling more timely, efficient, and cost-effective care.

In this webinar, John Longshore, head of scientific affairs for global oncology diagnostics at AstraZeneca, and Pantelis Constantoulakis, the scientific director at Genotypos Science Labs, will discuss:


  1. The importance of liquid biopsy testing in guiding access to precision therapies and clinical trials.
  2. The challenges faced by global pharmaceutical companies regarding patient access to liquid biopsy and new strategies to improve access.
  3. A laboratory evaluation of the performance, workflow, and cost of Pillar Biosciences’ suite of kitted liquid biopsy-based assays.

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