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By Seegene Inc

Interview: Updates in HPV Testing and Genotyping for Cervical Cancer Screening

Photograph of Marta del Pino

In February 2023, Seegene met with Marta del Pino at Eurogin, the leading international conference focused on human papillomavirus (HPV) and associated cancers, to discuss the value of HPV testing and genotyping in the new cervical cancer screening paradigm.

By Janssen

Perspective: Delivering Precision Medicine for Bladder Cancer Through Collaboration

In the wake of a transformational period for bladder cancer treatment, the time is right to harness integrated care coordination and precision medicine in order to optimize patient outcomes across the disease continuum. 

By Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics Promises Sub-$100 Genome, Unveils New Sequencers at AGBT 2023

The firm also announced a lower reagent price of $150 per genome for its DNBSEQ-T7 sequencer, which is already available.

By Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics Reintroduces DNBSeq in North America, Hopes to Push Sequencing Toward Higher Quality, Efficiency, and Affordability

The massively parallel sequencing technology based on DNA nanoballs (DNBs) — which, unlike PCR clusters, do not suffer from clonal errors — provides a high-quality, efficient, and affordable new option to North American users, said the company.

By Cullinan Oncology

A Platform-Agnostic Approach to Building a Diversified Immuno-Oncology Portfolio

Platform- or modality-agnostic approaches to therapeutic agent design may offer more promise than platform-centric approaches. Rather than deploying a single strategy, researchers can allow the biology to dictate therapeutic design.

By Oxford BioDynamics

Q&A: How a Noninvasive Blood Test is Changing Immunotherapy Treatment

The noninvasive test evaluates eight 3D genomic markers and is the only test that returns a binary result to the ordering physician with high accuracy: “low probability” or “high probability” of response to an ICI.


MGI Sequencing Platform and Sentieon Machine Learning Model Enable Improved Small Variant Calling Accuracy for Whole-Genome Sequencing Data

DNAscope, a germline variant-calling pipeline from San Jose-based analytics firm Sentieon, achieved superior SNP and indel accuracy as compared to other standard datasets, according to a recent preprint from the company. 

By VolitionRx

First CE-Marked Assay to Aid in NETosis-Associated Disease Evaluation Has Applications in COVID-19, Sepsis Monitoring

The Nu.Q NETs test is the first approved clinical assay to assess disease severity by quantifying circulating nucleosomes which make up plasma neutrophil extracellular traps, or NETs — snares of DNA expelled by neutrophils to trap and kill invading pathogens.

By Amazon Web Services

Agilent Cuts Time Required for Whole-Exome Secondary Analysis by Over 96 Percent Using Cloud Technology

Making this speed-increase possible is the integration of Nvidia’s GPU-optimized Clara Parabricks genomics analysis capabilities into Alissa Reporter and running the platform on Amazon Web Services.

By Seegene Inc

Seegene Seeks to Curb Oncoming COVID-19 Surges with Routine Syndromic PCR Testing

Seegene has joined hands with LabHouse, a testing center in Vietnam, to launch the In-Life PCR campaign for ride-hailing drivers in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, and the company is in talks with testing labs in countries around the world to launch the campaign in more regions,