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By Baylor Genetics

Q&A: Improving Access to Genomic Testing at Baylor Genetics

In this interview, Kengo Takishima, president and chief executive officer of Baylor Genetics, discusses his company’s specialized expertise in precision diagnostics and the work underway to make tests like WGS accessible to all.

By Foundation Medicine

Perspective: How Biopharma Can Navigate EU IVDR to Keep Clinical Studies on Track

With advance planning and a diagnostics partner with demonstrated regulatory expertise, it is possible to navigate EU IVDR requirements with confidence and keep clinical trial timelines on track.

By Illumina

Baylor Genetics Prepares for a ‘Genome World’ With Explainable AI-Powered Variant Interpretation

Explainable artificial intelligence, or XAI, is enabling Baylor Genetics to hasten and scale up clinical whole-genome sequencing while testing becomes more accessible and evidence for its utility grows.

By Illumina

Genomic Medicine Calls for AI That Can Explain Itself, Illumina Says

Artificial intelligence models that can explicitly demonstrate their logic and expose potential biases, known as explainable AI, or XAI, are necessary for medical institutions to make healthcare decisions with increased confidence, according to Illumina. 

By VolitionRx

Global Panel of Sepsis Experts Examines Clinical Potential of a NET-Associated Circulating Nucleosome Assay

The panel concluded that the test has the potential to aid in the early diagnosis of sepsis and to guide and monitor response to therapy.

By VolitionRx

Perspective: The Epigenetic Keys to Unlocking the Full Potential of Immunotherapy

Epigenetics is the key to unlocking the full potential of cancer therapy, including immunotherapies, by revealing deep insights into how the body reacts and responds to medication.


Global Laboratories Receive a Boost in Multiomics Capabilities With MGI’s Combined Sequencing, Single-Cell, and Spatial Platform

A scientist uses a large machine decorated with a DNA motif.

DCS Lab, powered by MGI’s DNA nanoball (DNB) technology, is a comprehensive platform for the company’s sequencers, reagent kits, automation instruments, and data analysis tools.


Empowered by MGI, "Million Microbiomes" Project Takes Metagenomics to New Heights with Over 130,000 Samples Sequenced

Officially launched at the International Conference on Genomics in 2019, the Million Microbiome of Humans Project aims to sequence and analyze microbial DNA from one million human samples in three to five years, focusing on feces and saliva, to construct a microbiomic map of the human body — primarily using MGI’s DNBSEQ sequencing technology.

By SPT Labtech

Perspective: Innovations in Automated Liquid Handling Elevate Genomics Research

Automated liquid handling provides benefits that are especially important in genomics applications, where even minute deviations in liquid volumes can have profound implications on the integrity and accuracy of research outcomes.

By Revvity

Advancements in Alzheimer's Treatment Unveil New Diagnostic Applications

As more Alzheimer’s disease treatment options become available, the field of diagnostics is rapidly evolving to adapt to new demands.