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The Scan

Winemaker Ernest Gallo, whose philanthropy started a neuroscience center at the University of California, San Francisco, died yesterday.

The British government is taking back 68 million pounds earmarked for research programs to cover the costs of nuclear and auto problems.

A new pilot project at the US Patent and Trademark Office gives a Wiki-style venue for the public to comment on innovations.

Improvements in DNA analysis technology are getting people downright comfortable with things like paternity testing.

The Bad Seed

A certain kind of rice seed, not developed as a genetically modified organism, has shown up in tests as containing unapproved genetic material.

Comedy show the Colbert Report had Craig Venter as a guest.

This month's issue of The Scientist included results of its survey on best places to work, as ranked by postdocs.

An article from the New York Times weekend magazine looks into how evolutionary biologists are studying the origins of religion.

Render Unto Caesar...

The Flags and Lollipops blog reviews a new candidate gene prioritization method.

GTO scans today's edition of Science.

Clamoring for Access

The open access movement takes another step forward with a petition for free access to data from government-funded research.

A satirical news site predicts that scientists will attempt to map the genome of God.

A New York Times article documents concerns about the ethics around the ever-growing jurisdiction of IRBs.

GTO rounds up the relevant reads in today's edition of Nature.

A new blog gives tips on designing better graphs.

Time's science blogger muses on "the illusion we all have that things will go on pretty much as they are now."

Follow the Money

The Omics! Omics! blogger wonders where the money goes when there's a major financial failure in biotech.

Dell moves a step closer to offering Linux pre-installed.

Me and My Thermo

Blogging the installation of a new mass spec. What could be more fun?

Upheld, For Now

A California appeals court maintains the constitutionality of stem cell agency.

DNA analysis helps wildlife experts trace origins of contraband ivory.

Researchers find a gene whose variations correlate with performance IQ scores.

A 2002 study using adult stem cells may be flawed.

Two new studies make headway for therapeutics.

Researchers finish a draft of the North American plague’s genome.


The Hastings Center's Erik Parens argues in a Scientific American opinion piece that the current pandemic underscores the need to reconsider the hope placed in genomic medicine. 

The Los Angeles Times writes that Operation Warp Speed has an ambitious timeline for developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australia is launching its trial of preconception carrier testing Tuesday.

In PNAS this week: autosomal genes commonly affected by loss-of-function variants, variants implicated in testis development disorders, and more.