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The Scan

A blogger tackles the criticism leveled at the Cancer Genome Atlas project.

The Genes Went Poof

In six years, 8,000 human genes became no more.

The latest PNAS issue features a paper on recombination hotspots.

Google's Summer of Code event will include opportunities to help out the Phyloinformatics Group.

NIH Director Elias Zerhouni says the US must change its policy on stem cell funding.

An article online at Newsweek says the Cancer Genome Atlas could be a colossal waste of funding.

Just in case you were in a happy mood, here's a post on why genomic technologists should remember the cautionary tale of the eugenics movement.

As genetic testing is possible for more diseases, there's growing debate over the value of such tests when there's nothing to be done about the illness.

There's controversy brewing over how to regulate generic versions of biotech drugs.

An article in Forbes presents the argument that if we don't understand our own cellular network, we can't possibly expect to make it work better.

Here are the articles worth your time in this week’s Science.

The latest version of Sony's PlayStation lets users contribute to a global proteomics project.

A blogger discusses sequencing choices.

We take a look at this week's edition of Nature.

Living with Darwin

Emma Darwin’s diaries go digital.

A recent science fair shows that 'omics technologies are even hitting high schools.

Political Cells

A look at the politicized field of human embryonic stem cell research.

IPOs Abound...Sort Of

The Wall Street Journal has an article on the comeback of IPOs.

A blogger mourns after getting a negative review from a journal.

John Tierney writes about the science behind laughter.

A "rather desperate" blogger says Flickr is a good Web resource model.

He's in PLoS Biology! He's in the Wall Street Journal! Even by first-name-only-person standards, it's a pretty good day.

Studies of the DNA lineages of common human parasites give evidence for ancestral human migration patterns.

E.O. Wilson was one of three honorees, and a recipient of $100,000, at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference.

Wikipedia may launch plan to start checking credentials after one of its high-ranking contributors turned out to be a fraud.


A German shepherd called Nala has had her genome sequenced.

A coronavirus serology test garners Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration, but the Los Angeles Times asks: how will tests like that be used?

Certain gene variants in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle may keep brains young, according to New Scientist.

In Science this week: increased CD8 T cell density and increased IFN-gamma response may indicate metastatic prostate cancer patients who will respond to immune checkpoint blockade therapy.