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The Scan

Michael White blogs about how the IRS treats scientists unfairly.

Newsweek reports on the trend of direct-to-consumer marketing of DNA tests, and NYT offers details on the Navigenics launch.

A blogger says establishing a court of appeals for authors could alleviate concerns about anonymous reviewers without actually having to unmask them.

A grad student launches a paper discussion site.

How do business and science best meet, a blogger asks.

A blogger wants a "Wikipedia" for data.

Not Saying No

A blogger discusses more on scientists' use of cognition-enhancing drugs.

Open Helix opens an online help desk.

This issue of Science reports on Thomas Cech, ScienceDebate2008, live cell imaging, more.

More Fun and Games

More tests from bloggers.

In Nature this week, there's anti-doping (both real and fake), collaborations, phylogenomic profiling, and more.

Fun and Games

Test your knowledge at Bayblab.

A blogger comments on the difficulty of guaranteeing a drug's safety.

Giuseppe Attardi dies.

Cell Supply

Michael West may be supplying you with stem cells.

And Smart, Too

A blogger looks at the portrayal of female engineers and scientists.

Are You On it?

The shortlist for the Millennium Technology prize is announced.

An article sees hope in using biomass for the production of bulk chemicals.

Get on Google's Cloud

Google launches AppEngine.

The UK's Christian Legal Center takes issue with human-animal embryos.

A blogger announces that science writer Amy Harmon has won the Pulitzer Prize.

Here, Try This

A blogger give tips for DNA gel extraction.

The NSF releases its science and engineering labor market report.

Fast Company interviews 23andMe co-founders, Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki.

A blogger discusses undergraduates and open science.


Public health experts call for a transparent COVID-19 vaccine approval process in a letter; the Food and Drug Administration commissioner assures science-based approval.

The Verge reports that new gene-naming guidelines aim in part to avoid Excel-related name change confusion.

In Nature this week: tuatara genome sequence aids in understanding amniote evolution, and more.

According to the Guardian, UK virologists say in a letter to officials that their expertise has been pushed aside in COVID-19 response plans.