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The Scan

A blogger's list of promising cancer treatments includes a few genomic breakthroughs.

MIT's Tech Review reports on efforts to sequence a human genome for $100.

Sandra Porter blogs about polymorphism mapping with 16S ribosomal RNA.

This week's Nature has next-gen sequencing, plant genomics, shuffling genes in E. coli, and more.

A Navigenics customer looks at the personal side of personal genomics.

A blogger tries to decide where to submit her paper.

Sydney Brenner advocates a "bedside to bench" approach to medical research.

A blogger uses computational analysis to compare cancer and cell cycle genes.

Get on Over to Github

A blogger posts on social networking for coders.

Like Bert and Ernie

A venture capitalist and an MIT scientist have a long business relationship.

Some researchers refuse honoraria from companies.

It's a War on WARF

Steve Salzberg takes on WARF's stem cell patents.

Ewan Birney blogs about better data coordination efforts for human gene and protein repositories.

Harold Varmus speaks on Science Friday.

Michael White blogs about how the IRS treats scientists unfairly.

Newsweek reports on the trend of direct-to-consumer marketing of DNA tests, and NYT offers details on the Navigenics launch.

A blogger says establishing a court of appeals for authors could alleviate concerns about anonymous reviewers without actually having to unmask them.

A grad student launches a paper discussion site.

How do business and science best meet, a blogger asks.

A blogger wants a "Wikipedia" for data.

Not Saying No

A blogger discusses more on scientists' use of cognition-enhancing drugs.

Open Helix opens an online help desk.

This issue of Science reports on Thomas Cech, ScienceDebate2008, live cell imaging, more.

More Fun and Games

More tests from bloggers.

In Nature this week, there's anti-doping (both real and fake), collaborations, phylogenomic profiling, and more.


Nature News reports that genomics is being applied to trace and try to prevent additional COVID-19 waves.

Rady's Children Hospital and San Diego County are teaming up to test pediatric patients and their families for COVID-19 to gauge the spread of the virus locally, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Wildlife managers aim to boost the genetic diversity of Mexican gray wolves by placing captive-born foster pups into packs with similarly aged wild pups, the Mercury News reports.

In Science this week: Genetic Probability tool identifies likely diagnoses in 45 percent of inflammatory arthritis cases, and more.