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The Scan

Gunther Stent, a pioneer of molecular biology, died at the age of 84.

A follow-up study says double-blind review may not help female scientists.

California tells 13 consumer genomics companies to cease and desist.

A blogger complains about a journal's lack of constructive criticism.

NSF is planning big changes for its microbial research programs, says a blogger.

Harold Varmus gave a talk on the future of cancer research at WashU, and a blogger rounds up the highlights.

The Economist wonders whether Europe's time has come to be a major biotech player.

Details on the next upgrade to the Roche 454 FLX from a WashU blogger.

Invitrogen's acquisition of Applied Biosystems has the field abuzz.

This week's issue of Science covers new NIH peer review plans, how enzymes work, the yeast interactome, and more.

A blogger says that universities should team up with community colleges for programs that would give students good research grounding and practical job skills.

This week in Nature there's translational research, transgenic primates, substrate targeting in drug discovery, and more.

Science Commons kicks off Health Commons, a project to get treatments to patients faster.

A Tech Review blogger says genetic tests are going out of date faster than that flat-screen TV you just bought.

A researcher tries to silence bacterial genes.

A blogger wonders how much it actually costs to publish a journal article.

Pretty as a Picture

A blogger reviews genome viewers/editors.

Is the Singularity approaching?

Scientists sequence the korarchaeal genome of Candidatus Korarchaeum cryptofilum.

A blogger praises FriendFeed.

Now That's a Prize

MIT's Robert Langer wins the Millennium Technology Prize.

A blogger discusses how to improve institutional data repositories.

A gene involved in diabetes and obesity is only active when maternally inherited.

Scientists look at the synaptic proteome.

In the Vault

Microsoft and Kaiser team up on personal medical records.


The Washington Post reports on researchers' efforts to determine the effect of an increasingly common SARS-CoV-2 mutation.

Florida Politics reports Florida's law barring life, long-term care, and disability insurers from using genetic information in coverage decisions went into effect at the beginning of July.

A new analysis finds a link between popular media coverage of a scientific study and how often that paper is cited.

In Nature this week: CRISPR approaches to editing plant genomes, way to speed up DNA-PAINT, and more.