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The Scan

The journal Proteomics retracts the "mighty creator" paper.

What's Risk, Anyway?

NBC tackles genetic testing.

A blogger explores the systems biology behind biological complexity.

Evolution for Emmy

A professor and his dog discuss evolution.

deCODE is second in line to launch a genetic test for prostate cancer.

Andy Revkin talks about the Science Debate 2008.

A videoblog looks at Blast.

A blogger warns about the accuracy of SNP chip genotyping.

Happy Darwin Day!

It's Charles Darwin's birthday.

The founder of the Scripps Research Institute dies.

Researchers discover a new HIV receptor.

A British newspaper celebrates the 150th anniversary of Darwin's theory of natural selection.

A blogger ponders the digital divide.

A study finds seven new genes associated with prostate cancer.

The New York Times highlights Pacific Biosciences' sequencing technology.

This issue of Science focuses on cities, the US science budget, dwarfism, and more.

Three new companies offer genetic tests for mental illness.

Aww, Thanks Jonathan

Jonathan Eisen parties at Marco Island.

The book, Babies by Design, comes out in Britain.

A blogger approves of digital lab notebooks.

Akhilesh Pandey announced the Human Proteinpedia.

Nature this week discusses the Science Debate 2008, future technologies, resurrected bacteria, and more.

The legality of direct-to-consumer testing may vary by state.

The journal Proteomics includes a paper that supports for "a mighty creator."

Thanks to the burst of interest in sequencing, the AGBT conference opens with a record-breaking crowd.


In a cartoon, Vox explores the lack of women among this year's winners of the Nobel Prize.

Science reports a new US defense bill would establish two groups aimed at combating foreign influence on research. 

Nature Biotechnology discusses promising early results from two clinical trials of CRISPR-based therapy for β-thalassemia and sickle cell disease.

In Cell this week: analysis of tissue clones, metagenomic studies of ocean water samples, and more.