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The Scan

Google launches its health records management system.

Craig Venter denies having a God complex.

Florida votes to approve new public school science education standards.

Researchers find variation in the genome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

A blogger characterizes the audience at departmental seminars.

A muckety-muck at the World Health Organization complains that the Gates Foundation is investing too much money in malaria research.

Drew Endy stars in a new video on synthetic biology.

YouTube has an array of videos on genetic conditions.

A blogger considers the path to personalized medicine from an engineering point of view.

A study indicates that people are more likely to cheat if they think their behavior is predetermined by genetic factors.

A computational biologist offers advice for being a great scientist.

Steve Salzberg says the CDC needs to release influenza sequence data so scientists can help make flu vaccines better.

Open Access Rocks On

Shortly after Harvard announced its open access policy, the University of Oregon did the same.

BASF plans for a GM crop in Britain, but a protest is in full force.

A bioethicist writes an essay explaining that Venter's latest accomplishment is not the same as creating life. In case you were wondering.

Science this week goes gonzo, and also includes mitochondrial DNA mutations and more.

A blogger says great scientists in the past had an asset we don't: time to think.

Discover offers an article on drug-resistant bacteria and the DNA tricks that give rise to them.

David Baltimore tells the AAAS crowd that development on an HIV vaccine has stalled.

Harvard professors and students are throwing a "Science is Sexy" party.

Harvard passes a measure to publish its researchers' academic papers on the Internet.

A blogger ponders activity-based protein profiling.

In Nature this week, there's George Church, cohesin protein, stem cells, and more.

A bioinformaticist takes questions.

Researchers decipher the tyrosine-phosphoproteome of the insulin signaling pathway.


In a cartoon, Vox explores the lack of women among this year's winners of the Nobel Prize.

Science reports a new US defense bill would establish two groups aimed at combating foreign influence on research. 

Nature Biotechnology discusses promising early results from two clinical trials of CRISPR-based therapy for β-thalassemia and sickle cell disease.

In Cell this week: analysis of tissue clones, metagenomic studies of ocean water samples, and more.