New Products

Nov 16, 2014

RefSeq 68

RefSeq 68 is now available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information via ftp.

The release has over 66 million records describing 46,968,574 proteins, 9,069,704 RNAs, and sequences from 49,312 distinct NCBI TaxIDs.

Nov 16, 2014

Cytoscape 3.2

Cytoscape 3.2 is available here.

New features include faster startup, session loading, and drawing of large networks; the ability to display a node as a chart; and safer internal data handling of multi-threaded apps among others.

Nov 16, 2014

DiscoveryQuant 3.0

AB Sciex has released DiscoveryQuant 3.0 software, a new version of its ADME solution for high-throughput drug discovery. The release speeds up the method development process using existing database information, automates on-column optimization, and easily analyzed and processes multiple samples at the same time among other capabilities

Nov 16, 2014


SRI International has updated its BioCyc database collection to include a mobile application for remote access, as well as additional repositories that support researchers studying genomes and metabolic pathways.

With these additions, version 18.5 of the resource adds access to 5,500 genomes and information about connections between sequences and biological function. It also links the sequences of microbial genomes to curated metabolic pathways among other updates.

Nov 10, 2014


InDevR, a Boulder, Colo.-based life science company, this week announced that version 1.0 of the Influenza Titer on Chip is now available for purchase as a complete kit.

Flu-ToC is used as an alternative to single radial immunodiffusion for rapid quantification of influenza hemagglutinin protein in flu vaccines. The product uses a panel of subtype-specific antibodies that enable reliable quantification of hemagglutinin over a range of years, and can quantify HA protein in almost any medium including crude extract, bulk drug substance, and multivalent drug product, InDevR said.

Nov 10, 2014

BioNano Genomics' Irys

BioNano Genomics this week said it has reached a major milestone for its Irys system: the ability to collect human data at 30X depth, sufficient for a genome map, in 24 hours on a single chip.

The company demonstrated this new capability for the IrysChip V2, the high-throughput chip for the Irys system, and will be rolling it out to BioNano's collaborators and customers over the next two months.

Nov 10, 2014

SurePrint miRNA Microarrays

Agilent Technologies this week announced updates to its SurePrint miRNA Microarrays to include targets from the latest version of the miRBase public miRNA database. The database, miRBase 21, contains 28,645 entries including more than 15 percent in content added from miRBase 20, Agilent said.


Technology Review reports that 2017 was the year of consumer genetic testing and that it could spur new analysis companies.

A phylogenetic analysis indicates two venomous Australian spiders are more closely related than thought, the International Business Times reports.

In Science this week: CRISPR-based approach for recording cellular events, and more.

A new company says it will analyze customers' genes to find them a suitable date, though Smithsonian magazine says the science behind it might be shaky.