New Products

Jan 12, 2015

Agilent Technologies' GenetiSure Pre-Screen Kit

Agilent Technologies has introduced its GenetiSure Pre-Screen Kit, a high-throughput microarray for screening aneuploidy and other genomic aberrations in from single cells in embryos. Agilent's kit allows for a turnaround time of less than eight hours from DNA extraction to data analysis. The kit consists of an oligonucleotide array that can run up to 14 samples and two reference samples simultaneously, so more embryos can be screened without increasing costs.

Jan 07, 2015

BioCollections Worldwide Chikungunya Virus Assay

BioCollections Worldwide said today that it is now offering a laboratory-developed test for the detection of Chikungunya virus. The assay follows the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's real-time RT-PCR protocol for detection of Chikungunya virus, and detects cases in the acute stage of infection in about five hours, BCW said. The Miami-based company is providing the test through its CLIA-certified testing laboratory.

Jan 07, 2015

Personal Genome Diagnostics PlasmaSelect-R Liquid Biopsy

Personal Genome Diagnostics today announced the launch of its PlasmaSelect-R liquid biopsy test. The test analyzes genetic alterations in cancer using circulating cell-free tumor DNA that is present in plasma, reducing the need for tumor tissue specimens. It detects sequence alterations and translocations in 63 well-characterized genes that include all important known biologic and therapeutic cancer targets. PGD said that the test is currently intended for use by cancer drug researchers, but that it plans to launch a CLIA version for clinical applications later in 2015.

Jan 07, 2015

Fast-track Diagnostics Ebola Test Kit

Fast-track Diagnostics announced today the release of a CE-labeled multiplex real-time PCR kit to detect the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus. The Malta-based firm manufactures single and multiplex PCR kits for more than 100 different pathogens, and the product range is compatible with standard extraction methods and thermocyclers. 

Jan 07, 2015

RefSeq 69

RefSeq 69 is now available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information via ftpThe release has over 74 million records describing 52,276,468 proteins, 9,973,568 RNAs, and sequences from 51,661 organisms. Additional details are available here and here.

Jan 07, 2015

CPTAC Proteomics Data

Proteomics data from the National Cancer Institute's Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium is now available from the UCSC Genome Browser. The new track contains peptides identified and characterized by CPTAC, from breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancer biospecimens initially sequenced by the Cancer Genome Atlas project.

Jan 07, 2015

DeepChek HBV and DeepChek HVC

Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL) said today that it has added two new DeepChek applications to Illumina's BaseSpace Apps store.

According to the company, DeepChek HBV and HCV, which are used for analyzing next-generation sequencing data from hepatitis B and C viruses, are now available on the BaseSpace cloud. Previously, ABL made DeepChek-HIV, its solution for analyzing deep sequencing data from HIV, available on BaseSpace .

Dec 29, 2014

Gene Codes Sequencher 5.3

Gene Codes has released Sequencher 5.3, the latest version of its sequence analysis software.

The release includes a new differential expression analysis pipeline, new data visualization tools, and improvements to Sequencher Connections, which is used for running analyses in parallel.

Dec 19, 2014

PCRmax Eco 48 Real-Time PCR System

PCRmax, a Bibby Scientific company, has launched the Eco 48 real-time PCR system. The optimized instrument is capable of running 40 cycles in 15 minutes using standard chemistries and plastics, Bibby said. In a typical run, it can still complete 40 cycles in 40 minutes, compared to two hours with competitive systems. The Eco 48 also has the most uniform block of any thermal cycler (+/-0.1 °C with no settle time) thanks to the patented silver and gold hollow thermal block filled with a thermally conductive fluid, Bibby said.

The Eco system was previously commercialized by Illumina. In September of this year, Bibby Scientific acquired PCRmax, which had earlier acquired the rights to the Eco system from Illumina after it exited the PCR market.

Dec 18, 2014

PerkinElmer EnLite NeoNatal TREC Kit

PerkinElmer announced the commercial availability in the US and Canada of the EnLite Neonatal TREC Kit, a screening test for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), also known more commonly as “Bubble Boy” disease. PerkinElmer has received market authorization from the FDA and from Health Canada to offer the test, which provides a semi-quantitative determination of T-cell receptor excision circle (TREC), a circular DNA structure which is the primary identifiable marker for SCID. The test identifies newborns for confirmatory testing which leads to diagnosis.

Dec 18, 2014

GenBank 205

GenBank 205 is now available via ftp from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The release has 179,295,769 non-WGS and non-CON records containing 184,938,063,614 base pairs of sequence data. Uncompressed flatfiles are approximately 688 gigabytes for sequence files only. The ASN.1 data require approximately 562 GB.

Dec 18, 2014

LabCorp Enterovirus D68 Assay

LabCorp this week announced the availability of a reflex test to identify enterovirus D68, which is associated with severe respiratory illness that primary affects children. Beginning in August 2014, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state public health agencies reported a marked increase in pediatric patients with severe respiratory illness linked to EV-D68, LabCorp noted. The EV-D68 PCR test determines the presence or absence of enteroviral RNA in a respiratory sample, and if positive, reflexes to an EV-D68-specific PCR test. The EV-D68 subtyping PCR test can determine the presence or absence of the predominant D68 strain.

Dec 18, 2014

eBioscience PrimeFlow RNA Assay

eBioscience, an Affymetrix business, announced the availability of the PrimeFlow RNA Assay, a flow cytometry assay capable of simultaneously detecting RNA and proteins within millions of cells at single-cell resolution. Current flow cytometry applications are limited to antibody-based interrogation of cell surface and intracellular proteins, eBioscience noted. With the PrimeFlow assay, researchers can now incorporate the simultaneous analysis of RNA transcripts and proteins to elevate their understanding of single-cell dynamics, the company said.

Dec 18, 2014

CombiMatrix Targeted Array for Prenatal Analysis

CombiMatrix has launched its Targeted Array for Prenatal Analysis. The new microarray-based test is designed to detect clinically relevant microdeletion and microduplication disorders while minimizing the risk of identifying a variant of uncertain significance in chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis samples.

Dec 18, 2014

Roche Cobas Liat System

Roche this week announced the launch of its cobas Liat System, a fast, compact molecular diagnostic platform designed for on-demand testing in physician clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. The PCR-based system is fully automated and can generate test results in as little as 20 minutes, Roche said.

Roche also currently offers two tests on the system: cobas Influenza A/B and cobas Strep A. The Liat system and accompanying assays are both CE marked and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. Roche noted that the Liat System is not currently CLIA waived in the US and that testing sites outside the clinical laboratory are not available in all markets.

Dec 18, 2014

Exiqon miRSIGN Oncogene and Colon Cancer Assays

Exiqon has launched the miRSIGN miR-21 Oncogene assay, a research-use-only kit for measuring miR-21 levels in relation to two reference microRNAs in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples; and the miRSIGN Colon Cancer assay, an RUO kit for determining the presence of cancer cells in FFPE colon tissue samples.

Both kits are based on Exiqon's proprietary miRCURY LNA Universal RT microRNA PCR platform.

Dec 17, 2014

Covaris truXTRAC FFPE RNA Kit

Covaris has introduced the truXTRAC FFPE RNA Kit, which extracts high-quality RNA from FFPE tissue samples that is suitable for next-generation sequencing. The extraction method utilizes highly controlled, focused acoustic energy to remove paraffin from FFPE samples without the use of organic solvents, enabling efficient and rapid tissue rehydration, tissue digestion, crosslink reversal, and nucleic acid release, the firm said in a statement.  

Dec 17, 2014

Interpace Diagnostics' ThyGenX Test

PDI's molecular diagnostic subsidiary, Interpace Diagnostics, has launched a next-generation sequencing-based panel to assess cancer risk of thyroid nodules. The test, called ThyGenX, is an eight-gene panel to help physicians distinguish between benign and malignant genotypes in indeterminate thyroid nodules.

Dec 10, 2014

Cellular Research Precise Targeted RNASeq Assays

Cellular Research has launched its Precise targeted RNAseq assays. The company also announced the commercial availability of application-focused panels for the Precise assays, including panels for oncology, induced pluripotent stem cells, and immunology. The assays use next-generation sequencing alongside the company's Molecular Indexing technology as an alternative to qPCR. The assays are available in 96- and 384-sample formats, enabling customers to sequence up to 4,608 samples in a single sequencing run.

Dec 10, 2014

One Lambda NXType Kit

One Lambda, a Thermo Fisher Scientific business, has launched the research-use only NXType Kit for human leukocyte antigen typing by next-generation sequencing. The NXType kits feature long-range primers and an improved chemistry on the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine, enabling full-range sequencing of HLA Class I & II genes in three days, One Lambda said. The NXType workflow also includes ancillary reagents and TypeStream NGS analysis software.

Dec 09, 2014

Cancer Genetics' Focus::CLL

Cancer Genetics has launched Focus::CLL, a next-generation sequencing-based panel for chronic lymphocytic leukemia and small lymphocytic leukemia. The panel assesses seven genes with clinical relevance for prognosis, disease management, and treatment selection. It has an analytical sensitivity of 5 percent. Focus::CLL will be available as an individual test and will also be integrated into the company's Complete offerings for CLL and SLL. In addition, it will be available through Cancer Genetics' Select One clinical trials offering, which provides clinical trial support to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. 

Dec 05, 2014

New Data from the CoMMpass Study

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation has made new data from the CoMMpass study available to the community via its Researcher Gateway. Specifically, genomic data from 92 patients and clinical data from 292 patients enrolled in the study are now available from the online portal.

Dec 04, 2014

Ensembl 78

Ensembl release 78 is available here.

The release includes updates to the mouse assembly; updated pig HAVANA annotation in vega; updated C. elegans annotation; and updated data from the animal QTL database for chicken, cow, horse, pig, and sheep. Also in this release, transcript support levels, APPRIS principal isoforms, and GENCODE basic annotations are now accessible through Ensembl Biomart. 

Dec 04, 2014

GATC Biotech's NGSelect

GATC Biotech has launched NGSelect, a modular system for next-generation sequencing projects. The company offers pre-defined modules that encompass pre-sequencing, library preparation, sequencing, and bioinformatics. Customers can scale sequencing output starting with as little as 5 million reads. The module workflows are fully automated to provide speed and cost efficiencies, according to the company.

Dec 01, 2014

Mapmygenome's Sugargene

India-based Mapmygenome last week launched a personal genomics test, called Sugargene, to help assess people's risk for type 2 diabetes and obesity, and their traits influencing aspects of nutirgenomics, such as satiey levels and surgar cravings. In launching the test, priced at INR 2,999 ($48.45), Mapmygenome is hoping to inspire lifestyle changes in customers and save money by avoiding expensive interventions.


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