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Twist Bioscience Comprehensive Exome Panel, Targeted Methylation Sequencing Solution

Twist Bioscience has launched its Twist Comprehensive Exome Panel, an optimal next-generation sequencing target enrichment solution that includes more than 99 percent of protein coding genes. The panel expands on the content of the Twist Human Core Exome to include coverage of protein-coding genes from all three key public genetic databases: CCDS, RefSeq and GENCODE, providing best-in-class coverage of the most up-to-date content, the company said. In addition, the panel can be customized quickly and affordably. Because of the updated and comprehensive coverage, the new panel allows for increased confidence in variant detection experiments, as well as maximum sequencing efficiency and best coverage uniformity.

Twist has also introduced the Twist Targeted Methylation Sequencing Solution to enable the study of methylation pattern changes in research fields including cancer, epigenetics, and non-invasive prenatal testing. The Targeted Methylation Solution offers a high-throughput, highly uniform target enrichment solution to explore methylation. This product is now available for early access customers, the company said.