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Sciex CESI 8000 Plus

Sciex has launched the CESI 8000 Plus, a next-generation CESI-MS platform. The new system enables multiple experiments to be generated from as little as 5 mL of starting material. Combining this capability with the multi-segment injection technology, users can process 10 experiments in the time it would normally take to process one, with less than 1 L of material consumed, Sciex said. The system is ideal for experiments with limited samples, including microdialysates, needle biopsies, FFPE archives, and rare circulating tumor cells; or where samples are highly toxic. In addition, the innovation of neutral capillary surfaces further reduces system flow to less than 10 nanoliters/min, the company said. The platform also delivers higher-resolution separations, improved ionization efficiency, and reduced ion suppression. Optional laser-induced fluorescence, diode-array, and selectable wavelength UV detector modules are available, enabling off-line method development.