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Novacyt Molecular HPV Testing Service

Novacyt has launched a molecular human papillomavirus service for all of its customers currently using its next-generation NOVAprep liquid-based cytology platform for cervical cancer screening.

Novacyt will offer the new service out of its Cambridge, UK labs using Abbott's RealTime High-Risk HPV PCR assay, and customers will be able to use the same NOVAprep consumable vial and medium for both Novacyt's cytology platform and Abbott's assay. Novacyt has validated the use of the Abbott PCR assay with the NOVAprep cytology medium in cervical cancer screening for additional HPV reflex testing. HPV testing provides important information about whether a patient has an HPV infection with any of the 14 high-risk HPV types, and this information, along with the result of the Pap smear, can be useful in managing patients with inconclusive results, the company noted.