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Neogen's Salmonella Serotyping Service

Neogen has launched the NeoSeek Salmonella Serotyping service, a pathogen DNA identification method for Salmonella. The serotypes identified by the NeoSeek service include the top 30 Salmonella serotypes identified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the leading causes of human Salmonella infections. The service can provide genomic-based serotypes in as little as 72 hours from suspected Salmonella positive isolates using next-generation DNA sequencing data generated by Neogen's GeneSeek genomics laboratory in Lincoln, Nebraska. The US Department of Agriculture issued no objection to the new service and stated that it is comparable to the reference method, FSIS MLG 5B.02. The new service adds to Neogen's STEC confirmation service, which detects and identifies seven Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strains.