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JN Medsys Clarity Plus+

JN Medsys has launched the next generation of its digital PCR system, featuring more than 40,000 partitions and 4- to 6- colour detection channels. The new system offers better specifications over the firm's Clarity system, featuring improved consumables providing at least 4 times more partitions and employing ultra-high density chips that can generate more than 40,000 partitions per reaction to provide greater dynamic range and better accuracy.  The increase in partitions is also designed around the same footprint as the original system, such that the new tube-strips still fit conventional thermal cyclers to allow up to 96 reactions per run. The new system also comes with a more powerful reader equipped with a 4- to 6-colour detection system to increase detection throughput in digital PCR. It can now detect up to 384 or 576 different targets per run.