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Integrated DNA Technologies xGen Exome Research Panel

Integrated DNA Technologies has launched the xGen Exome Research Panel for insightful analysis of the human exome via next-generation sequencing. The panel includes a total of 429,826 probes that span 39 Mb of the human genome, providing deep uniform coverage of 19,363 genes. Each probe within the panel is individually synthesized and undergoes a rigorous manufacturing and quality-assessment process in accordance with GMP standards. Missing or truncated probes are identified by mass spectrometry and OD measurements and are eliminated before pooling, providing a unique advantage over array-derived probe pools. The approach selects for full-length probes, enabling highly uniform coverage. Scientists using the xGen Exome Research Panel with xGen Lockdown Reagents and the optimized protocol can now obtain reliable and reproducible exome data in a single day, IDT said in a statement.