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Human Longevity Oncology Genomics Products

Human Longevity has launched an oncology genomics programs, through which it is offering comprehensive whole-germline and tumor genome analysis, as well as tumor and germline exome analysis products.

With HLI's comprehensive whole-germline and cancer genome product, a patient's germline is sequenced to 30x coverage and compared to their tumor genome which will be sequenced to 90x coverage. The team employs RNAseq technology on tumors to understand the expression of mutated genes, and ImmunoSeq to sequence the patient's T cell repertoire. HLI is also testing liquid biopsy technology to detect circulating free tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells. 

The output of the sequencing efforts is a fully annotated genome report on all findings for patients and their clinicians which compares the patient's cancer and germline genomes. The analysis provides insight into tumor mutations, which can guide treatment decisions including immunotherapy, targeted molecular therapies, and clinical trials that might be of value to the patient.