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Hitachi Chemical's ExoComplete 96-Well Plate Kit and Tube Kit

Hitachi Chemical has launched the ExoComplete 96-Well Plate Kit and ExoComplete Tube Kit, an integrated, fast, and easy system for exosome collection to mRNA purification. The system isolates exosomal mRNA from biological samples such as plasma in a 96-well filter plate format, or large-volume samples such as urine using a single collection tube format. Exosomes and microvesicles (EMVs) in body fluids are captured with plates or tubes with a proprietary filter material. The highly porous material allows fast filtration of biological samples without clogging, and reproducible isolation of EMVs without the use of conventional ultracentrifugation. After the captured EMVs are lysed, mRNA can be isolated through hybridization with single-strand oligonucleotides immobilized in the wells of the 96-well mRNA Capture Plate, said Hitachi Chemical in a statement. They also noted that both products are for research use only.