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Fluxion Biosciences Spotlight 59

Fluxion Biosciences has launched its Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel, a next-generation sequencing-based assay designed for liquid biopsy analyses. Used in conjunction with Fluxion's IsoFlux Liquid Biopsy System, the new panel is a complete sample-to-answer assay for high sensitivity mutation detection of solid tumor cancers from blood samples, the company said. In allowing ultra-sensitive variant detection from low input quantities of DNA, the panel is also potentially useful not only for liquid biopsy samples like circulating tumor cells or cell-free DNA, but also other challenging sample types such as FFPE.

For liquid biopsies, the panel's high sensitivity, driven by a bioinformatics method called ERASE-Seq, allows sensitivity to 0.1 percent allele frequency with no false positives, Fluxion said. The panel uses a 277-amplicon design based on Swift Biosciences Accel-Amplicon chemistry, covers hotspots in 59 clinically-relevant oncology-related genes, and generates multiplex libraries compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms, without the need for complicated molecular barcodes.