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Fluidigm Single-Cell ATAC-seq for C1 System

Fluidigm has introduced Single-Cell ATAC-seq, an epigenetics application for the C1 single-cell genomics platform. The new application allows researchers to explore the regulatory systems that drive cellular function, and is freely available on Script Hub, a new web portal within Fluidigm's C1 Open App program. In a study published this week in Nature, researchers from Stanford University and Fluidigm used ATAC-seq to identify single-cell DNA accessibility profiles from diverse cell types. Understanding the accessible regions of the genome will reveal the role of DNA-binding proteins, nucleosomes, and chromatin compaction in regulating gene expression, Fluidigm noted. Before the C1 and ATAC-seq, researchers needed at least 500 cells to identify accessible chromatin regions, which misrepresented the heterogeneity present in the biological system, the company noted.