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Bio-Rad ddPCR Supermix for Residual DNA Quantification

Bio-Rad has launched droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) supermix for residual DNA quantification. The supermix provides a highly precise and sensitive method for directly measuring host cell DNA (HCD) that contaminates biopharmaceutical products. Inefficiencies in purifying active molecules from host cells can lead to impurities — including DNA — that routinely contaminate the product. Reaction partitioning and end-point analysis makes ddPCR technology less susceptible to PCR inhibition than qPCR. The technology also simplifies HCD quantification by eliminating the need for a standard curve for determining target DNA concentration because it allows direct counting of the number of target molecules. Using ddPCR and the new supermix, researchers can eliminate the DNA extraction step and directly measure residual HCD, said Bio-Rad in a statement.