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AMSBIO MagSi-NGSPREP Plus and MagSi-DT Removal

AMSBIO has launched two new products to its MagSi range of magnetic bead-based products: MagSi-NGSPREP Plus and MagSi-DT Removal. The MagSi-NGSPREP Plus kit uses proprietary protocol DNA fragments that are bound directly onto the surface of the magnetic beads, leaving contaminants in solution, for library preparation. The MagSi-DT Removal kit provides a convenient tool for ultra-fast and efficient purification of Dye-Terminator sequencing reactions and removal of unincorporated Dye Terminators and salts. It uses a simple three step protocol and it can be used directly in the thermal cycling plate, the company said. The kit can be used manually or on automated workstations using 96- and 384-well PCR plates. The new kits are 100 percent compatible with existing protocols, and will require little or no re-validation, the company said.