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Affymetrix Eureka Genotyping Solution

Affymetrix has launched Eureka Genotyping Solution a low-cost, low-plex genotyping by sequencing solution. The company is also introducing two new array configurations for the Axiom genotyping platform. The Eureka Genotyping Solution delivers high-throughput sample processing with low cost per sample enabled by an innovative multiplexed combination of allele and sample-specific barcodes which support high sample plexing on a sequencer while delivering high-quality SNP analysis, said the company. The new array configurations for Axiom genotyping expand its utility. The 24-sample configuration on the high-density Axiom 96 platform can interrogate upward of 800,000 markers while the 96-sample configuration on the Axiom 384 HT platform can assay about 50,000 genetic variants.