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Position Organization location Posted
Postdoctoral Position in cancer research at the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute, at NIH 50 South Drive Bethesda, MD 20892
United States
Postdoctoral Associate University of Maryland School of Medicine Baltimore, MD Baltimore, MD 21201
United States
Career Blog

Not as Hoped

The Chronicle of Higher Education says Rutgers University faculty are disappointed with a process aimed at addressing pay equity but that they say does not.

Pandemic Push for Grad Student Unions

Science reports that the pandemic has ramped up efforts to unionize among many graduate students.

Not Super Pleased

A survey explores how UK academics view their university leadership teams' decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nature reports

Cycle Repeat?

Nature News writes that some researchers are concerned that an infusion of funding for the National Institutes of Health could lead to another "boom and bust" cycle.