V.P., Business Development

MRM Proteomics Inc.
Job Location
Position can be located anywhere in North America
Montreal, QC H2X 2X4
Job Description

The VP of Business Development will actively assess relevant markets, identify new business opportunities, and implement a corporate business development strategy to increase the company’s revenue in the pharma, biotechnology and diagnostics sectors. The VP Business Development will be an advisor to and collaborator with the management team, working closely with the CEO. This individual will direct all sales and business development activities; he or she will set corresponding performance goals for the company and be responsible for their realization.


  • Analyzes market conditions and the company’s existing business (including its sales, expertise, potential, long term and strategic plans for sustained growth)
  • Identifies new business opportunities and strategies to improve the company's market position for financial growth
  • Creates and implements a corporate business development strategy
  • Plans and leads strategic business development initiatives
  • Researches the competition and generates potential leads
  • Networks and builds client relationships
  • Identifies client needs and proposes insightful solutions, including selecting technologies or proposing custom R&D projects based on detailed knowledge of company’s technical capabilities
  • Leads potential transactions, prepares and presents sales proposals, negotiates and closes high-value contracts with large pharma, biotechnology and diagnostics companies
  • Develops budgets, performs financial analysis.
  • Prepares and participates in product demonstrations, seminars, webinars, etc.
  • Expands the global proteomics business
  • Builds partnerships with other companies.
  • Finds ways to better serve existing markets and creates marketing campaigns.
  • Performs other related duties as needed.

Job Qualifications

  • Combination of higher education and experience in both Business and Science
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor's degree
  • Preferred Education: PhD Biochemistry (or a related discipline) and/or Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Minimum Experience: 3-5 years of related experience with proven track record in the Proteomics/Genomics and/or Mass Spectrometry field
  • Preferred Experience: 5-10 years of related experience

Job Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Scientific and business acumen with advanced analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience engaging corporate partners, completing business transactions, and negotiating and completing major agreements.
  • Persuasive and driven to succeed, with a proven negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of the life sciences market and -omics technologies is an asset
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, with outstanding work ethic  
How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to careers@mrmproteomics.com . Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted.

About Our Organization

MRM Proteomics Inc. is at the leading edge of proteomics technology. We offer a wide range of proteomics services and easy-to-use kits. We are also involved in developing clinical diagnostics. Our technologies include: MRM-MS with paired heavy/light peptide standards for high-precision highly-multiplexed quantitation of hundreds of proteins; Patented iMALDI-MS technology for robust high-throughput clinical proteomics; High-resolution HDX structural characterization of proteins and biosimilars; Tissue imaging of peptides and lipids using innovative techniques (patent pending). Our mission is to offer the highest quality of proteomics technologies on the market today. We also offer unique custom-tailored solutions for specific research projects.

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