Vice President of Research Laboratory

New York Stem Cell Foundation
Job Location
New York, NY 10023
Job Description

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is an independent, nonprofit research institute recognized as an international leader in developing and accelerating stem cell research and technology to develop cures and treatments for patients.

NYSCF seeks a Vice President of Research Laboratory to advance its rapidly expanding and highly successful scientific programs to accelerate cures through stem cell research. The Vice President of Research Laboratory will oversee and be responsible for the execution of NYSCF’s scientific strategy. Primary focus will be day-to-day management of the NYSCF laboratory. Working with NYSCF’s business development team, the Vice President of Research Laboratory will execute deliverables related to new scientific and strategic relationships. He/she also will communicate NYSCF’s scientific aims and programs to the scientific and medical community and the lay public, including potential donors as needed. He/she also will provide scientific input and oversight to NYSCF’s well-established external fellowship programs.

Specific responsibilities of the Vice President of Research Laboratory will include:

  • Oversight and day-to-day operational and fiscal management of the NYSCF Laboratory
  • Execute deliverables related to alliances related to scientific collaborations
  • Oversight and development of the Laboratory’s research grants/projects, which are supervised by an experienced PhD
  • NYSCF’s intellectual property oversight and management
  • Play a role as a scientific spokesperson for NYSCF and represent NYSCF at conferences, outreach and donor events, as needed

Desirable qualifications include a background of distinction in life sciences; background in or with industry required. Must have strong administrative experience and results-orientation, including financial and grants development and project management experience and be able to motivate, facilitate and guide the work of the NYSCF Research Institute towards translational goals. Important to be flexible and comfortable in a highly entrepreneurial, fast-paced, team-oriented nonprofit biotech environment. Must be a highly proficient writer and public speaker able to communicate scientific and medical advances to both lay and scientific audiences.

How to Apply

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