Vice President, Marketing

Muse Biotechnology, Inc.
Job Location
Boulder, CO
Job Description

Reporting to the CEO, the Vice President, Marketing will be a “hands-on” leader for the company’s marketing strategy and implementation. Initially, the VP of Marketing will help to create the Muse bio genome writing transformative technology story. Depending upon the timing of their hire, they will help to secure the Series B funding for Muse bio through investor interactions by presenting Muse bio’s unique value proposition and the customer need for Muse bio products. 

The new Vice President, Marketing will understand the future of gene writing and will be responsible for the vision of how Muse bio products impact and advance the field of gene writing and the assessment of the best applications for Muse bio’s ForgeCraft technology. On the more tactical side, the VP will interface with customers and the Product Development team at Muse bio to direct all product specifications. The VP will understand customer requirements for product adoption, and will lock down the specifications with the product development team, while serving on the team through to product launch. 

The successful candidate will prepare and execute with Sales Muse bio’s initial product launch within the first year. This will include outlining and driving the plan for early customers, identifying and attaining the best thought leaders, and planning the publications strategy, conference attendance, programs and visibility as well as marketing materials/information to drive sales.


·      Initially drive and then lead product management activities, including product planning and customer requirements definition through implementation and launch. 

·      Create a marketing requirements document for the company to center development activities around. 

·       Effectively translate needs & requirements into effective business objectives and product strategies. 

·      Manage appropriately and critically the balance between requirements and timelines while delivering a competitive product 

·      Build and foster appropriate partnerships and relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). 

·      Develop impactful presentations for both internal and external audiences and participate in board and investor presentations. 

·      Lead the development of product positioning, plus go-to-market and commercialization strategies. 

·      Create and drive product life cycle management and identify and advocate new product development and application opportunities. 

·      Participate in the development of annual operational and financial plans. 

·      Build and develop an effective marketing team to oversee product marketing including product launch management, applications, sales training, presentations, sales tools development, competitive analysis and general sales support. 

·      Identify potential pricing issues and recommend appropriate price strategies. 

·      Work effectively with other stakeholders including the executive team to align goals, gain input on strategies/tactics, and drive business performance.


·      Bachelors in life sciences discipline; advanced degree preferred. 

·      Minimum of (10+) years of increasing experience, specifically leading marketing, product management and strategy. 

·      Our ideal candidate will have an understanding of gene writing technologies and especially, CRISPR-Cas genome editing technologies, and the competitive market landscape. 

·      Track record of success in launching new, complex products and achieve excellent business results; developing and implementing marketing and go-to-market/commercialization strategies that have consistently met or exceeded planned objectives. 

·      Strong strategic planning and analysis skills in sales, marketing, and business (competitive) strategy. 

·      Experience building technology and marketing partnerships. 

·      Experience developing relationships with KOLs 

·      Ability to plan and manage at both strategic and operational levels. 

·      Proven track record of results directly developing, driving and maintaining a high- performance team, product line, cutting edge technology and strong market presence. 

·      Proven ability to attract, retain, develop and reward top talent. 

·      Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with M.D., PhD. and Engineers


Personal Characteristics & Cultural Fit:

  • Exceptional leadership and communication skills, both written and verbal. 

·      Results oriented, entrepreneurial and self-motivating.

·      “Hands-on” style with a strong sense of urgency, discipline, commitment and organization with regard to commercializing new products and achieving Company objectives.

·      Strong team player and team leader with excellent interpersonal skills and a focus on collaboration and teamwork.

·      Demonstrated success implementing projects or solving issues that significantly impact the overall success of an organization.

 ·        Ability to think ahead to identify issues related to successful achievement of the identified goals and objectives and to be very proactive related to heading off problems before they occur.

About Our Organization

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado, Muse bio is revolutionizing genome engineering. Muse bio’s success is driven by the great people who work at the Company and our ability to recruit and retain additional highly qualified and motivated people. We offer an excellent compensation package including a competitive salary, company ownership, comprehensive benefits and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic growth company environment. Muse bio is an equal opportunity employee.

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