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Technology Development Specialist

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Job Location
700 Children's Drive
Columbus, OH 43205
United States

As an employer, Nationwide Children’s recognizes the importance of the benefits we offer. We also recognize the importance of balancing your work and personal needs.  Our benefits and Employee Wellness package is designed to:

  • Empower you to be a conscientious health care consumer through educational and wellness activities
  • Establish a work environment that promotes health and well-being
  • Support your financial protection and security in retirement

Most of our positions are benefits’ eligible from day 1.

Job Description

Demonstrates the technical and computer skills required in the laboratory:

  • Assists and/or oversees in the development and/or implementation of new tests, procedures or instrumentation within the Institute for Genomic Medicine.
  • DNA/RNA sample quality control.
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation: Automated processing of whole genome (WGS), RNA-Seq, and Enrichment (exome/panels) libraries.
  • Develops, verifies, writes reviews and/or updates procedures as necessary.
  • Use of Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) to record project details, monitor laboratory equipment performance, and assist with ordering supplies/reagents.
  • The position requires interaction with collaborators and company representatives.
  • Work under the mentorship of the Principal Investigator and Technical Director to perform experiments and conduct research.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and upholds applicable laws and regulations related to position. Maintains knowledge of techniques, procedures, and protocols, lab-wide and within lab section. Reviews and acknowledges procedures as required. Assists with procedure and technical development and acts as a resource.
  • Performs routine and complex technical procedures and functions in the laboratory information system in an adequate and timely manner. Performs preventive maintenance and quality control with appropriate documentation and communication.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in operating, cleaning, maintenance and scripting of instrumentation.
  • Designs and modifies script to ensure accurate and precise automation controls and quality of analysis.
  • Demonstrates increased productivity relative to experience.
  • Assists in the selection of additional or replacement equipment and specialized supplies.
  • Implements new procedures to adapt to the developments in clinical research applications.
  • Continuously improves the quality of the services offered.

Demonstrates knowledge of and upholds applicable laws and regulations related to the position

  • Troubleshoots (e.g. instrumentation) and assists in problem resolution. Arranges as necessary for service by biomedical engineering or appropriate external vendors
  • Follows the established guidelines within the department for safety, PPE, SOP (standard operating procedures), material labeling and problem / solution documentation.


Demonstrates the ability to communicate with staff, patients, parents, and clients.

  • Displays a positive attitude and supports the goals and policies of the department / institution
  • Demonstrates the ability to present information, whether oral or written, in a clear, concise and effective manner to coworkers and management.
  • Demonstrates, maintains and fosters interpersonal relationships with internal and external customers.
  • Demonstrates ability to change manner of communication style to adapt to various cultural differences as needed
  • Demonstrates respect for coworkers
  • Provides courteous and informative customer service
  • Prioritizes and adjusts schedule in order to accommodate projects.
  • Demonstrates the ability to adjust to change, handle interruptions and function with changing circumstances.
  • Demonstrates the initiative and ability to provide feedback that is useful and assists in individual improvement.
  • Assist with training of new employees, students, fellows, rotators, etc.
  • Promotes a cohesive work environment and identify resolutions to improve moral.


Demonstrates the ability to plan and show initiative.

  • Takes the initiative and demonstrates the ability within the department to solve problems effectively and in a timely manner.
  • Promote a cohesive work environment and identify resolutions to improve morale in cooperation with supervisors / manager
  • Maintains appropriate inventory levels for optimal laboratory usage.
  • Responsible for presenting continuing education. Participates in special projects and presentation of results. Assists with development and monitoring of specific competencies. Required to complete at least four hours of medical/technical continuing education, yearly.
  • Demonstrates the ability to make determinations regarding course of action and alternatives by addressing problems by using resolutions and basic troubleshooting skills. Able to resolve technical, computer, and service problems within the lab section. Performs in-depth problem solving.
  • Attends local, regional, and national meetings of relevance to the Institute for Genomic Medicine.

To fulfill this role successfully, you must possess these minimum qualifications and experience:

  • Prefer Master’s degree in science in an appropriate filed or in medical technology with two years relevant experience in a similar clinical laboratory OR Bachelor’s degree with a science major or in medical technology with at least five years of relevant experience in a similar laboratory.
  • Must have a strong interest in Research Biology, Computational Biology or Medicine and some experience with computer science as well as a good understanding of molecular biology, genetics, genomics or computational biology.

Additional Qualifications Required

  • Experience with molecular biology laboratory skills.
  • Experience with automated liquid handling instrumentation
  • Exceptional attention to detail and high-level organizational skills.
  • Strong communication skills (both oral and written), a service-based orientation.
  • Positive attitude/team player.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Proficient in computer skills
  • Desire to learn and contribute to cutting edge pediatric research.
How to Apply

Create a profile and submit an application at the linke below.

About Our Organization

Why Nationwide Children’s Hospital

The moment you walk through our doors, you can feel it. When you meet one of our patient families, you believe it. And when you talk with anyone who works here, you want to be part of it, too. Welcome to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where Passion Meets Purpose.

Here, Everyone Matters. We’re 12,000 strong. And it takes every single one of us to improve the lives of the kids we care for, and the kids from around the world we’ll never even meet. Kids who are living healthier, fuller lives because of the knowledge we share. We know it takes a Collaborative Culture to deliver on our promise to provide the very best, innovative care and to foster new discoveries, made possible by the most groundbreaking research. Anywhere.

Ask anyone with a Nationwide Children’s badge what they do for a living. They’ll tell you it’s More Than a Job. It’s a calling. It’s a chance to use and grow your talent to make an impact that truly matters. Because here, we exist simply to help children everywhere.

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