Technical Writer

Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Job Location
1290 Terra Bella Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043
Job Description

The Technical Writer I position offers an opportunity to switch careers from bench research to science communication. This position emphasizes marketing communication with a significant technical documentation component. 

 Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Creates and revises a wide variety of marketing and technical materials that highlight usability, key benefits, and sales arguments for life science research products. Materials include technical documentation; web pages for product sales, support, and SEO; and literature, apps, and video for sales support. Content is delivered via multiple formats including web, email, tablet/mobile, social media, and print.

  • Improves content based on performance metrics for email, web, and SEO, as well as feedback from Sales and Technical Support.

  • Integrates various sources of information into a uniform style and language.

  • Guides projects through multiple revisions, with attention to detail and with oversight by the Technical Communications Manager.

  • Works with initiators to rewrite, clarify, or reconstruct content, including controlled documents.

    Technical Duties & Responsibilities

  • Works under supervision from the Technical Communications Manager, including clear initial guidance regarding the goals, content and tone of each project, and regular check-ins regarding the progress of each project.

  • Receives input from Product Management, R&D and Technical Support about the marketing and technical specifications and positioning of products.

  • Investigates and understands the needs of the target audience.

  • Prepares rough drafts of material for review with collaborators according to departmental templates and guidelines.

  • Revises content to maximize effectiveness based on email and web analytics and feedback from Sales and Technical Support.

  • Implements strategies to enhance SEO.

  • Edits and revises materials prepared by other writers or personnel.

  • Works with graphic designers to arrange for illustrations, charts, and photographs demonstrating product benefits, sales arguments, usability, and data.

  • Executes small projects with internal collaborators.

    General Duties & Responsibilities

  • Establishes productive relationships with coworkers and customers to accomplish team objectives.

  • Clearly communicates technical details with colleagues and customers.

  • Moves assigned projects through a review cycle to completion.

  • Additional duties, including possible occasional travel, as assigned.


Education & Experience

Requires an undergraduate degree or higher in Molecular Biology or a related field with a minimum of two years’ experience in a related area, or an equivalent combination of education/experience. Laboratory work or a postgraduate degree will be considered very favorably.

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