Systems Administrator

Personal Genome Diagnostics, Inc
Job Location
2809 Boston. St. Ste 503
Baltimore, MD 21224
Job Description


Develop and apply innovative solutions in Information Technology as well as provide support to all aspects of the business, including research, development, and operations.  Participate in the design, development, and maintenance of all IT systems using appropriate tools and technologies to deliver company products and services.


  • Support IT systems across the enterprise, including the development, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and support of all servers, PCs, operating systems, telephones, software applications, and peripherals
  • Support the Linux cluster environment for production operations
  • Support a Windows server environment
  • Assist, collaborate, and develop tools with engineering team to support operations and development in a DevOps role
  • Support the 24×7 operation and monitoring of the corporate network, infrastructure, and all production systems and applications, including data backups
  • Define and execute testing and validation of IT systems and software
  • Identify emerging information technologies to be integrated within the organization


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, with background in IT, Information Systems, Computer Science or Engineering preferred
  • Proficiency working in Linux and system administration using shell scripting, Perl, or Python
  • Experience with CentOS and configuration management using Ansible preferred
  • Experience with Windows Server, Active Directory, and Exchange Server preferred
  • Experience with cloud computing and cluster computing environments preferred
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Contact Us:

Please submit applications (Cover letter and resume) to [email protected] 

About Our Organization

PGDx brings proprietary technology to each cancer genome analysis project.Our CLIA-validated facility assures the highest specificity and sensitivity for your samples.

We have long understood the importance of making sure what we think we’re seeing are bona fide somatic mutations, as opposed to potential experimental artifacts or other type of false positives. We continue to build and refine our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline, filtering capabilities, and inspection approaches to decipher the complexity of cancer genomes and accurately reveal sequence and structural alterations.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive analysis of cancer genomes. Our founders were the first to perform genome-wide sequence analyses of human cancers. It was through a comprehensive approach that they were able to make novel discoveries of important driver mutations found in multiple tumor types.

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