Study Technician IVP Cardio Metabolic

Job Location
Greenfield, IN
Job Description

Covance is currently seeking a Study Technician for the Invitro Pharmacology Cardio/Metabolic Department

As a Study Technician your job duties include:
- Collaboration across components
- Reports all animal care concerns and becomes involved in resolution and appropriate corrective action, when necessary
- Ensures that studies are conducted according to protocol, standard operating procedure documents, and government regulations
- Can interpret and understand a basic protocol
- Basic understanding of good research practice (GRP) principles
- Performs a data review of study materials with minimal quality control (QC) findings and understands the level of a quality assurance (QA) audit
- Maintains client confidentiality at all times
- Aware of inspection process, e.g., member of inspection team, inspection ready, correcting inspection findings
- May be involved in Process Excellence initiatives
- Effectively manages time and resources, e.g., equipment, rooms, feed, environmental requirements, study supplies
- May perform anesthesia/sedation
- Appropriately identifies animals(associated with assigned area)
- May be proficient in aseptic techniques (associated with assigned area)
- Knowledgeable in basic clinical signs (associated with assigned area)
- Can perform basic measurements (associated with assigned area), e.g., body weight, food consumption, tumor size, body temp, behavioral, blood pressure, glucometer, QNMR, VCT, urine, feces
- Can perform various bleeding techniques (associated with assigned species), e.g., tail clip, jugular, orbital, vena cava, aorta, femoral, cephalic, saphenous, dried blood spot, OGTT, STZ, cannula, cardiac
- Operates various data collection systems
- Performs various dosing techniques (associated with assigned area)
- Performs various methods of euthanasia (associated with assigned area)
- Handles animals and is knowledgeable in proper restraint methods
- Performs animal husbandry duties
- May perform non histological tissue collections (associated with assigned area)
- Handles primates with pole collar technique (associated with assigned area)
- Can appropriately verify gender of various species
- Proficient in standard blood processing
- Performs other related duties as assigned

- Bachelor degree in Life Sciences, Associate degree in Laboratory Animal Technology or Associate degree in Veterinary Technology.
- An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education.
- Must be able to work in a laboratory setting with laboratory animals
- AALAS certification at the Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician level is preferred, but not required.
Experience - Basic computer knowledge.
- Basic math skills.
- Ability to accurately read and record information.
EEO Employer Covance is committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer (Minority/Female/Individual with Disability/Veteran). Your confidentiality and privacy are important to us.

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