Statistical Geneticist

Job Location
Seattle, WA 98104
Job Description

We have launched a revolutionary wellness company. We created this company to invent the future of health and create a new industry, Scientific Wellness. Our mission is to empower clients to optimize their overall health and wellness. We give them personalized actionable recommendations to improve their wellness – regardless of where they are starting out - based specifically on their unique data.

We start by establishing a 360-degree baseline view of our clients—learning about them at the deepest levels by looking at their genome, blood work, gut microbiome, lifestyle, attitudes and behaviors. Then, we pair each client with their dedicated coach – a Registered Dietitian who explains their data and provides clear, actionable behavioral recommendations. One of our primary goals is to maintain a relationship with our clients over the long term (e.g. years) so as to continue to collect data and observe transitions to disease and wellness. We’re dedicated to serving a community of people who have decided there’s a better way to take control of their health and wellbeing.

We have an opening for a Statistical Geneticist.

The Statistical Geneticist works closely with the research team to identify new genetic associations with wellness-related and behavioral phenotypes. This position will involve targeted gene as well as genome-wide sequencing data, along with a broad range of phenotype observations, clinical labs, microbiome data, metabolite data, and activity data.

This full-time position reports to the Senior Bioinformatics Scientist and requires working in a Seattle-based office.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform statistical analysis to support human genetics studies relating to nutrition, exercise, obesity, chronic illness, inflammation, detoxification, drug sensitivities, and other wellness-related and behavioral phenotypes.

  • Work with the research team to develop novel methods for calculating genetic predispositions using internal data as well as existing genetic studies for a wide range of human diseases and wellness markers.

  • Provide statistical and programming support to the research team including programming in R and Python, in addition to using published tools for genetic statistical associations.

  • Collaborate with scientists, clinicians, developers, genetic counselors, and registered dieticians to design and perform statistical analyses and evaluate genetic associations.

  • Assist the coaching team in the interpretation of genetic associations for a lay audience; participate in content creation for public facing reports.

  • Advise other researchers in the design of experiments and trials as well as the analysis of genetic data; discuss statistically valid data collection and sampling methods.

  • Participate in weekly research meetings and assist with the preparation of research plans and analysis strategies.

  • Conduct literature searches and actively participate in manuscript preparation.

  • Perform other related duties



Required Qualifications:

  • PhD or equivalent doctoral degree in statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology or related field

  • 5 years in statistical genetics or directly related experience.

  • Experience in R, Python, and SQL or other relevant languages, as well as knowledge of genetic software is required

How to Apply

Resume to [email protected]

Arivale is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or Protected Veteran status.

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