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Staff Scientist - Next Generation Sequencing

KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Job Location
Thuwall 23955
Saudi Arabia
Very Competitive

Salary Package

Very Competitive Tax Free Salary Package

Relocation and Yearly Travel Allowance

Permanent role with family status

Mobilization / Demobilization Ticket provided along with Visa Assistance

Annual Vacation - 30 Work Days + 11 Public Holidays

Spacious Furnished Accommodation (subsidized cost of rent)

Free Schooling (K1 / K12) – International Program

Savings Plan / Pension Plan

Medical and Dental Coverage along with Life and Accident Insurance

FREE access to Recreational Centers,Outdoor Pools, Golf Course, Private Beach, Gyms, Tennis Club, Cinema

Our Environment:

Job Description

Major Responsibilities

• Lead the developments of assays and methods to support the laboratory growth.

• Ensure efficient processing of diverse biological samples and the release of excellent quality data.

• Responsible for project delivery.

• Keep abreast of technological developments and methodologies.

• Strategically manage scientific collaboration projects with PIs/external partner



• Ph.D. degree in molecular biology, or a related field.

• Minimum 1 year of postdoctoral experience or similar experience in industry settings.

• Demonstrated competence in NGS on Illumina platforms, experience on multiple platforms is an advantage.

• FACS and Single cell genomics knowledge is a plus.

• Proficiency in methods development, and protocol and SOP writing.

• Positive attitude and customer relation skills.

• Experience in multicultural environment.

• Team player and managerial skills complete the profile

About Our Organization

The KAUST Bioscience Core Lab (BCL) is seeking an enthusiastic scientist to join its Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) team. BCL provides services with a state-of-theart Illumina sequencing platforms (NovaSeq, HiSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq), in addition to third generation sequencing instruments (PacBio Sequel II, Sequel and RSII; Oxford Nanopore GridION and PromethION), and many others among which Biomark HD, 10x Chromium and cell sorting instruments.

The scientist will be in charge of scouting new technological advancements while developing cutting-edge methods and applications to further the research of KAUST scientists and collaborators and to push the boundaries of genomics research.

A successful candidate has extensive and diverse experience in designing, optimizing and validating experimental protocols to fit specific needs of the lab. The candidate will be part of a larger team and will be exposed to great number of different technologies and projects. He/she will also be encouraged to identify cross laboratory opportunity to design innovative methods

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