Staff Associate (Research)

Columbia University
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3960 Broadway
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Job Description

Staff Associate (Research)

The Judith Sulzberger Genome Center at the Columbia University Medical Center is seeking a Staff Associate. This position will be in our next generation sequencing core, with emphasis on single cell RNA sequencing. The lab is fast growing, and equipped with state-of-the-art high-throughput sequencing instruments.

The Genome Center is a production-scale Next Generation Sequencing laboratory accepting thousands of samples per year. The Genome Center is involved with all aspects of next generation sequencing for a wide range of research projects, including whole genome, exome and RNA sequencing, beginning with sample quality control through analytics. We have extensive collaborations with investigators at Columbia University, including in personal medicine and cancer genomics. In addition, members of the lab may have opportunities to be involved in the development of novel techniques in library preparation and sequencing.

She/he must have extensive experience with working in a lab, and the scientific knowledge to understand protocols and clients' research goals.

Scientific Skills:
- Familiarity with enzymatic reactions and PCR.
- Basic handling of live single cells.
- Background in genetics and/or cancer biology.
- Understanding of the goals of precision/personalized medicine.

Benchwork Skills:
- Technical proficiency in laboratory benchwork necessary for achieving precise and consistent results.
- The ability to accurately record data and keep a very neat, well organized and up to date lab notebook.
- Experience handling DNA and RNA is required, and previous experience working with samples in plates and/or with multichannel pipettes is preferred.
- Must be able to work independently in an orderly manner, and in accordance with all safety regulations.

Lab Operations:
- Managing a large inventory.
- Placing orders for lab reagents and supplies.
- Keeping records necessary to track and reconcile orders with the department.

As the Genome Center provides a service to clients, she/he will have significant interaction with the PIs and researchers throughout a project, and will need to communicate with our users in an impeccable professional manner.

Client Interaction:
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.
- Project management experience is preferred.
- Advise and assist clients with project design, taking into consideration the scientific goals of the project.  


Minimum Degree Required:  Bachelors and/or higher  

Minimum Qualifications:

Four years of professional experience in research lab or a core facility is required, special consideration for those with experience in next-generation sequencing will be given.  

Preferred Qualifications:

Previous hands-on experience in next generation sequencing of different platforms, especially Illumina, is strongly preferred.
Some knowledge in bioinformatics or data management is strongly preferred.
Experience with liquid handling automation or single-cell sequencing is desired.

How to Apply

How to apply:

All candidates must submit a cover letter and resume and apply through Columbia University’s RAPS online employment application system under Requisition Number: 0008218  

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Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

About Our Organization 

Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. 

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