Sr. Research Bioinformatics Analyst

Emory University
Job Location
Atlanta, GA 30322
Job Description


  • Design and development of NGS analysis pipelines.
  • Design and development of array-based analysis pipelines.
  • Data acquisition, analysis and visualization.
  • Custom tool development for analysis of NGS data.
  • Testing and validation of new software tools.
  • Maintaining detailed documentation of all projects.
  • Compiling project reports for investigators.
  • Assist in grant, abstract and manuscript preparation.


Job Description

Maintains software, hardware and information networks in a bioinformatics and molecular modeling laboratory. Analyzes protein structure, data collections and high throughput screening results with sophisticated bioinformatics software in order to carry out structure activity analyses and to generate predictive correlations. Applies a broad range of molecular modeling tools to formulate novel bioactivity hypotheses and to design stereospecific molecular structures as candidates for biological in-vitro and cellular probes, independently and in collaboration with synthetic chemists. May hire, supervise, and evaluate a small staff. Performs related responsibilities as required.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A master's degree in chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics or related field; PhD preferred. Three years of bioinformatics and/or computational chemistry experience. Ability to design virtual combinatorial libraries and to refine them in communication with chemists.


  • At least 3 years experience in cancer bioinformatics analysis.
  • A PhD degree and/or postdoctoral training in bioinformatics, computational biology or related field.
  • Knowledge of cancer biology, human genetics and genomics.
  • Experience in high throughput computing.
  • Two plus years of experience with common bioinformatics methods to perform data QA/QC, processing, normalization, alignment, differential gene expression analysis, variant calling, fusion detection, copy number variation analysis, microarray-based gene expression analysis, DNA methylation analysis, network/pathway analysis, and drug target interactions.
  • Experience with other popular scripting languages including: Python, JavaScript and C/C++.
  • Experience MySQL or Oracle databases and PHP.

How to Apply

Please apply via the link that has been provided above. 

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