Sr. Medical Information Manager - Oncology job

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Job Location
Gaithersburg, MD
Job Description

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The Senior Medical Information Manager is responsible for the execution of Medical Information brand/therapeutic area deliverables, including answering medical inquiries from healthcare professionals, reviewing/providing scientific consult to promotional materials, and development of scientific content to support Medical Affairs. Generally, this role is focused on one of two areas: scientific content/brand support or customer engagement. The area of focus is determined based on the current needs of the Therapeutic Area.
Major Responsibilities
*Demonstrate scientific and business expertise relevant to therapeutic areas, including products, disease state management, emerging therapies, and the competitive landscape
* Collaborate with key stakeholders to identify scientific information to meet customer needs
* Monitor the medical environment (including medical inquiries) and apply scientific expertise, integrated with regulatory and compliance knowledge, to impact Brand/Therapeutic Area strategy
* Provide scientific training to the Brand/Therapeutic Area Medical Information colleagues
* Provide staffing support for the Medical Information booth at scientific conventions
Scientific Content/Brand Support:
* Accountable for Medical Information contribution to promotional review by:
o Providing strategic scientific consults on brand messages
o Reviewing promotional materials for content and accuracy
o Contribute to the prioritization of review for promotional materials
o Coordinate development, review and approval of clinical Data on File Packets to support promotional claims
* Contribute to and or lead the development, review and maintenance of Medical Affairs scientific materials, including Managed Market documents, in collaboration with Medical Affairs colleagues
o Incorporate customer insight to identify, update, and develop scientific materials
o Coordinate with Medical Affairs colleagues, vendor and outsource provider to develop content
* Participate in Medical Affairs training initiatives to:
o Provide consult to Medical Affairs key stakeholders and vendors to shape the content and development of training materials
o Develop the content for brand scientific training in conjunction with Medical Affairs Training Team where applicable
* Other activities include:
* Coordinate, create, and/or review submissions to external Drug Information Resources and Evidence-Based Practice Centers.
* Lead the compendia submission process for Medical Affairs
* Provide consult to Regulatory/Labeling committee and the US publications team on brand publications
Customer Engagement:
* Respond to Medical Inquiries and engage in appropriate scientific information exchanges with Health Care Providers via multiple channels (i.e. verbal, written).
* Manage accurate, focused, and scientifically balanced clinical and scientific information exchanges with Health Care Providers that support the appropriate use of and clinically differentiate AstraZeneca products...cont.

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