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Sr BioInformatics Scientist

Job Location
5200 Illumina Way
San Diego, CA 92122
United States
Job Description

Sr Bioinformatics Scientist Our engineering team specializes in developing a fast and accurate FPGA-accelerated platform called DRAGEN, for the secondary analysis of NGS data. Activities are two-fold: 1) algorithm design of analysis methods to discover variants, and, 2) highly-efficient HW/SW implementation for fast run time. The platform covers a wide range of pipelines, WGS and targeted (enriched/amplicon) germline, WGS and targeted somatic (T/N and tumor-only), DNA/RNA, small variants, CNV and structural variants. The ideal candidate will be able to contribute both to the algorithm design based on statistics background, and contribute to the software code base, based on proficient C/C++ programming skills. Our team develops DNA/RNA analysis solutions for use by researchers and clinicians worldwide, which provide sample-to-answer pipelines with high reliability, speed, and completeness of results. The applications are many, from rare and undiagnosed inherited diseases, to population-scale genetics, to cancer.


Responsibilities: Design, prototype and implement computational algorithms for the detection of genomic variants (small, structural, copy number). This requires statistical models to distinguish true variants from sequencing noise. Implement algorithms in production-grade C/C++ software. Extend methods to handle diverse variant types and genomic loci that are not yet handled by routine genomic analysis. Collaborate deeply with inter-disciplinary teams (QC/QA test teams, FPGA teams, SW teams, clinical genomics teams) as the platform has many different end-users with different requirements and applications to ensure a smooth, end-to-end workflow with external organizations. Requirements: Strong background in algorithm development (statistics and probability theory) Strong background in developing production-grade software. Proficiency with C/C++ is required. Personal initiative and ability to work effectively as part of a team. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Basic knowledge of genomics, genetics, and sequencing technologies. Preferences: Experience with secondary analysis of human whole-genome sequencing data. Experience with using version control systems such as git Experience with cloud computing, parallel computing, and big data. Education: Master’s degree or PhD in bioinformatics, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, or equivalent. When you join the high-performing team at Illumina, your work takes on new meaning. Our growth, our positive culture, and the impact our products are having in the world ignite a passion that drives our people forward. And together, we accomplish beyond expectations.

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